Recently the biggest brands have increased their focus on street football. Nike started things back in 2013 with their FC247 collection. Since then, adidas came along with their Free Football, Nike replied with FootballX and now adidas are ready with their next move. The football revolution continues in the streets...

Football on other surfaces than grass, is becoming bigger and bigger. Artificial grass and higher qualities of asphalt, has meant an explosion for street football. Adidas have identified three types of players, and designed three types of shoes - one for each type.

What type of player are you? X, ACE or MESSI? Make your decision here.

Adidas divide street football into three silos: Court, Cage and Football Culture. Court is focused on indoor, and is recognised by the classic rubber sole that ensures great grip on an indoor floor. Cage is designed for the artificial grass pitch, all the way from the first generation trough to the newest generations. Football Culture is designed for the hard asphalt surfaces around the urban environment. A shoe designed with the revolutionary Boost sole, to provide you with the best possible shock absorption.

As mentioned, adidas have identified three types of players. And developed a ACE, X and MESSI for each surface. Each with its distinctive properties, to promote an optimum output of the individual player's ability. This way, you can choose a shoe that fits you perfectly.

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