These days, being a Liverpool fan is also associated with the fact that you need to be able to accept a roller coaster ride of emotions from the moment you start singing the words ”You'll never walk alone”. New Balance now complete the new Liverpool kit line-up with a new away shirt that finds inspiration from the successful memories of the club.

A white away shirt has brought many good memories throughout the club's history. The new design may be described as very clean and simplistic. It includes some red detailing around the collar, the logos and a red line going around the sleeves. Critics will probably say dull and uninspiring, but our Liverpool fans here at the office have something else to say:

”Nice! Super classy. I love the white design. Looking forward to seeing Sturridge doing the 'Sturridge dance' wearing this one” says Malene from customer service; who has otherwise been feeling a bit down since Gerrard's departure.

”Really liking the white design with the red lines going around the sleeves, and with red printing on the back it's simply perfect!” says Alexander from our warehouse.

A generally positive attitude towards the new design here at the Unisport Headquarters, but what do you think of the new design? Does it make you wanna sing ”You'll never walk alone”?