Just a year ago the Magista Obra could call it self world champion. Fast Forward to today, the Magista can call it self Turquoise Blue. That's the new colour it's getting, along with the rest of the Lightning Storm Pack. Take a closer look right here...

In terms of innovation, the Magista Obra was the best of the best in 2014. It's popularity has just grown and grown since it's launch. The Magista Obra has worn many different designs, and some would argue that it hasn't found its true identity yet. The playmaker boot - should it go for the bold and explosive or the subtle and more classy?

With the new Turquoise Blue for the Lightning Storm Pack, Nike seem to have settled for the last option. Magista has been dressed in what Nike calls "an elegant combination of Turquoise Blue and black". If you had to blame it for something, it would be for being boring. But that would be an insult, considering it being so elegant as well or what?

With the Magista, Nike have created one of the best options for the playmaker. They just can't seem to settle for a final design. What way should Nike go with the Magista - bold or classy?