In just two days the Champions League final kicks off. Am I the only one who is struggling to control myself at the moment? I can imagine that Pirlo, Tevez, Barzagli and Pique are all equally hyped, but that is probably mostly because they get to play in the new Nike Tiempo Legend Silver Storm Pack.

Alright, alright, maybe they are more focused on the big-eared trophy than their boots, but none the less they will all be stepping onto the Olympic Stadium in Berlin in their new Silver Storm Pack and that will be a stunning sight to behold.

Be the master of elegance with the Nike Tiempo Legend V. Find it right here – just 175 euro.

Nike’s Silver Storm Pack is created as the last collection, before most of the professional players go on some deserved holiday. However before the lights go out entirely at the biggest stadiums in Europe, the grey boots have one last job to do. The question is whether or not the Nike Tiempo Legend players will have a final foot involved in the Champions League final. What do you think?

With a combination of grey and green the Tiempo Legend V takes its place in Nike’s Silver Storm Pack. Is this your weapon of choice on the pitch?