This Friday brought us the new Lightning Storm Pack. During the course of the weekend, we've looked at the Hypervenom, the Mercurial and the Magista. Today, it's time for the Tiempo Legend. A boot, that is often less in the spotlight, when compared to it's brothers. But the legend will never die, so let's keep the Tiempo alive...

It might be that Nike have created some outstanding and innovative boots with the Mercurial Superfly, the Magista Obra and the Hypervenom II - but none of them has been around as long as the Tiempo. And that's a fact that should be celebrated everyday.

The Tiempo Legend V is the latest generation, and has been for almost 2 years. It was launched with a 50/50 design, where two colours covered the boot equally. With only a single exception, Nike have changed this since last years World Cup to give the boot a more simplistic design. With the Green Strike, the Tiempo Legend is on par with the rest of the Lightning Storm Pack. An elegant design for an elegant boot.

With a line up of players like Pirlo, Tevez, Benteke, Boateng and many more, there is no doubt that the Tiempo Legend has a lot to offer. And with a green design, it surely offers a little extra for the coming season!