This morning adidas unveiled the new Messi 15.1, which as you might have guessed, is built for the Argentine magician. Where does this new boot fit in among the also newly released adidas X15 and Ace15? Find out in this episode of Unisport WebTV.

adidas now have a very impressive, new-look line-up of boots, which we are all slowly getting to know more and more about. Jakob takes us through the three collections, which are built for chaos, control and that unique ‘something special’ that Messi has that simply cannot be defined.

It can be a whole lot to grasp, but it wouldn’t be a revolution if it wasn’t. If you want the full picture on where adidas stand after the major revamp, then now is the time to listen up and watch along, as JayMike drops some serious knowledge.

The video should leave you in good stead, if you were wondering which of the boots truly suits you best. Have you found out what type of player you are and which boot you will be looking to get your hands on?