The Nike Free collection has to go down as one of the most popular, if not the most popular shoe model, in the last few decades. Most however don’t use it for running, which it is otherwise intended for, but rather training in the gym - myself definitely included.

It seems a shame to have a shoe that is so incredibly popular for use in the gym, but not being 100% fine tuned to performance in that area, which is really what Nike are all about. Nike have therefore released the brand new Nike Free Trainer 3.0, so Cristiano Ronaldo and all other fans of the Nike Free are ready to put in work in the gym with the right footwear.

Get a hold of the wicked new trainers right here - just 124 euro.

The new Nike Free is built and carefully constructed to give you the ideal mix of stability and freedom of movement, thanks to the shoes unique knit construction. This allows players like Cristiano Ronaldo to attack his workout, with total confidence in your footwear.

I must admit I can’t help but feel the colourway of this launch colourway is a little bit dodgy and I’m no massive fan of the combination. That being said. the construction itself looks extremely sharp and I for one can’t wait to see a simple black and white version of the Nike Free Trainer 3.0 V4, which I’m absolutely certain would dominate gyms across the globe.

When I look around the Unisport offices I’m honestly struggling to think of a single person, who doesn’t have at least one pair of Nike Free of some sorts. There’s no question in my mind in any case that the Nike Free will be a roaring success. Will you be getting a pair?