Alexis Sanchez returned back to training after a well deserved holiday yesterday and boy ohh boy did the newly crowned Copa America champion turn up in style. No ragged training boot for him. Nope, instead he turned up in something completely new.

It’s been a relatively quiet summer in terms of football gear. It is however still not too long ago that Nike introduced their pre-season collection, the Lightning Storm Pack. Things do however look like they may be livening up. - Alexis Sanchez’ new boots in yesterday’s training is testament of that.

While you wait for Nike to reveal what this Superfly is, you can check out our large selection of football boots right here.

As an extension of their Lightning Storm Pack it looks like Nike have something very cool lined up. These Mercurial football boots look like they are made with a front foot of leather - a concept we have never seen from Nike before. The question is, is this a unique one time thing, or are Nike going to build on this idea, but let me just say what we are all thinking: Daaaaayum Nike!

Alexis Sanchez has jumped the gun a little with this Mercurial Superfly and his communication with Nike has probably not been perfect. We will however continue to look forward to what Nike have in store for us, when they officially present their next collection.