Sustainability has become one of the most important issues in the world. Now adidas have brought the environmental-friendly concept to all the speed demons out there who love to give their haters something to talk about. This is the Limited Collection of the f50 adizero No Dye Pack.

Adidas have just released their third issue of their new “Limited Collection”. A series that counts boots with innovative technologies and unique designs. This edition takes its focus on the sustainability issue by incorporating special materials with zero chemical and without any colored substrates.

If you love the new f50 adizero No Dye Pack, then get it right here.

The f50 from No Dye Pack is built on the same foundation as the newest generation with the new and more aggressive stud configuration and the one-upper Hybridtouch that delivers the close to the ball feel. But no pigment substance makes this f50 adizero a role model for the environmental-friendly enthusiasts.

As this No Dye Pack is released within the “Limited Collection” series, this also means that the boot only comes in a limited number of pairs. This is the most clean looking f50 to date. Is it something for you?