There are some pretty awesomely talented folk out there, especially when it comes to the world of football art. One of these is a chap named Federico Maccapani, who has put together a great number of fantastic ‘What if’ scenarios, which explore some awesome designs that could and maybe should happen…

I think the pictures pretty much speak for themselves, with the brilliant looks all being very adventures and ultra stylish. We all have our favourites among the unique designs and there is a little face-off going on between adidas and Nike (as usual), with two of their classics having been given some love.

The Nike Mercurial Superfly in the original R9 launch colourway is probably my personal favourite, because I simply love the design, especially paired with the Dynamic Fit Collar. It is however in close contention with the adidas Predator 1994, which has been fitted with the sole form the infamous Yeezy Boost. All pure awesomeness for a bunch of football freaks like us.

There’s also far more than just footwear going on, with some of the world’s biggest clubs and national teams getting the Mbroidered treatment. The designs are certainly not for the faint hearted, but it makes for some killer shirts. Particularly the ‘Henri Matisse X France’ and ‘Van Gogh X Nederlands’ shirts look sick and if they ever get made, I’ll be the first in line with an order.

Here at Unisport we are all about football and luckily for us Federico Maccapani looks like he is a pretty huge fan too, so we get to see tons of great concepts. He does however do loads of other designs, which you can check out on his website