“Tech Craft encompasses our ‘no-compromise’ philosophy. Players don’t have to choose between materials like Flyknit and leather; they can have the benefits of both in one premium pair of boots.” – Nathan VanHook, Nike Football Senior Design Director.

If you are reading this to find out, what is better to play in you might as well stop reading. Whe cannot answer that for you. And I'm pretty sure no one, other than yourself can. But if you are here to understand the differences between Tech Craft and the normal Flyknit version, then please continue.

Football boots in leather or Flyknit? Nike give you both options with Tech Craft Pack.

With a thin layer of fused leather around the fore- and mid foot, Nike have created a niche market with their new Tech Craft Pack. But why this concept to begin with? Why not create a traditional leather upper, if that is the need they are trying to meet?

Well, based on several conversations with players from all around the world in all levels, Nike ended up concluding at least two main reasons, why Tech Craft would be the best solution:

Proposition 1: An upper made of leather delivers a completely different form of protection and comfort, that synthetic materials cannot deliver.

The difference is not radical but it is definitely noticeable. Because where the Flyknit keeps it's focus on the barefooted sensation, the leather material delivers a much bigger sensation of protection and the more traditional fit around your foot. This feeling is often why fans of leather prefer a leather upper.

You don't have to compromise with Tech Craft Pack. Find your Nike football boot right here.

Proposition 2: There are many players who actually prefer the leather upper, but they are not willing to give up the advantages they get with their preferred silo - that be Mercurial, Magista or Hypervenom.

As the leather has been fused onto the Flyknit material, this football boot is actually a combination of leather and Flyknit and this is why Tech Craft is an optimal solution in the 'no compromise' philosophy. You still get the same explosive sensation in the Superfly, great comfort in Obra and agile movement in the Phantom. All reasons why we choose the silos in the first place. With Tech Craft, it has all just been topped off with a thin layer of premium k-leather.

I am completely convinced that this won't be the last we have seen from the Tech Craft Pack. The concept is simply too good to not being repeated. And even though I personally still prefer the normal Flyknit upper, I will not reject the possibility that you might see me in the Tech Craft at some point.