Adizero 99g, Primeknit, Academy Pack, Umbro Velocita, evoACCURACY and much more. And Joltter is away. Luckily he’s been substituted with PWG, who is ready to dig into the latest launches together with JayMike.

It’s has not only been an eventful week, but actually an eventful full month. Therefore, JayMike and PWG only found it suitable to hit the studio to shoot a 14th episode of Unisport Uncut - and the first one without Joltter (although he still manages to send his greetings).

You can find a selection of the latest products right here - the Academy pack will be available from the 25th of April.

Nonetheless, there is plenty to talk about. In part, because the three biggest brands, adidas, PUMA and Nike have all busy - especially this week; starting with the Primeknit 2.0, followed by PUMA putting out a new evoSPEED 1.3 Graphic and Nike with both the Magista ‘Rough Green’ and the Academy Black Pack. Theres plenty to look into, so let’s check out what JayMike and PWG have to say.

The month of April has been a busy one - so busy that jayMike and PWG had trouble fitting it all in. Now we have heard their thoughts on the launches, but what are yours? Take your football passion to a social level and share your thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.