Now this is something very special indeed! Nike are ready with an iconic signature boot for an equally iconic player. Ronaldinho is a legend, who defined a generation and Nike now honour his legacy with a limited edition Tiempo Legend V R10. It is pure elegance, with a touch of gold.

Ronaldinho inspired an entire generation with his lighthearted and free approach to football and despite still playing, he has already cemented his status as an undisputed icon. All throughout the vast majority of his career (bar a handful of games in Mercurial and T90) he has stayed loyal to one of the only boots that could possibly match his elegance; the Nike Tiempo Legend.

Only 3000 pairs will be made available worldwide, so you need to sign up here, if you want any hope of getting them. - They will be up on the 2nd of September.

The bubbly Brazilian has had a great number of signature colourways, but in my mind particularly one stands out among the rest. The white and gold model Ronaldinho wore during the World Cup in Germany, where he was arguably at the pinnacle of his game, is a legendary boot. The new Nike Tiempo Legend V R10 Limited Edition is made with the same colour scheme and iconic boot tongue.

I’m really struggling to contain my excitement about this boot, because it’s simply sensational. I was a massive fan of the Totti signature boot we saw earlier this year, but this new Ronaldinho boot is on a completely new level. Both are excellent ways of honouring two of the greatest players in the last two decades.

As you may have gathered I’m pretty hyped about this new boot, but I doubt I’m alone and we would love to hear what you all think. Do you love it, love it, or love it? Those are the only three options you have.