It’s not long ago that Nike delivered new intense colours for the Magista-collection. If you weren’t blown away back then, there’s good news here. Nike have added another colourway to the mix of Magista boots and it’s already proving popular at the Unisport offices.

“I'm insanely pumped for this new Magista colourway!” Those were the words of Mathias, from our customer service department, when we placed this new Magista Obra and Opus colourway on his desk. Generally the slightly more discrete design has been received with great enthusiasm.

You can already order the newest Magista Obra and Opus right here – prices start at 200 euro.

Patrick, who sits across the table from Mathias couldn’t hide his excitement for this new Magista football boot: “I think the design is super cool. I can’t help associate it with an alligator or crocodile and those aren’t the worst relations to have, when considering this is a football boot made for attacking.”

And it’s not just us here at Unisport who are showering this new colourway with love. This weekend we spotted Rodney Wallace from the Portland Timbers in America wearing this exact colourway. It looks like Rodney might have jumped the gun a little, but okay, can you really blame him when considering how sweet this new boot looks?

Are you digging the new Magista boot, then you can find them right here – prices start at 200 euro.

The new colourway for the Magista Obra and Opus is really getting high praise from Unisport HQ. We are however just as interested in hearing what you think about the new colour. What do you think Nike have done right, or wrong? Share your thoughts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as our Snapchat: ‘unisportlife’.