It’s been a busy week for Nike, who have been releasing kit collections for their biggest teams the last few days. Their ‘Night Rising’-collection is now complete, after the introduction of this new Roma 3. kit.

Right off the bat I’m just going to name the Roma kit as my favourite, out of the new Nike third-shirts - (Not counting the PSG shirt, because no one can compete with that beauty). In my opinion the Roma kit is where the unique design really comes into its own.

Unlike on the other third kits, the main tone isn’t some incredibly bright colour, which definitely appeals more to me. I’m not really a fan of the others, especially the Man City and Inter kits I dislike compared to this one. That’s obviously just what I think and given the success of last season's Nike third kits, I’m probably on my own.

The Roma 3. kit will be available on the 1st of October right here.

What do you think - are you on my side, where you prefer the more toned down shirts like the new Roma shirt, or would you rather have a wild neon colourway, to catch everyone’s attention? Let us know down below.