Summer is long gone by now and the football season has kicked off all around the world. As always during the summer, all the brands were busy kitting out their biggest clubs with new shirts. Some didn’t go so well, but other are nothing short of sensational. We take a look at the very best shirts this season here.

Now everyone obviously have their own preferences, but we thought we would keep our selection process simple and created an office vote. At the end of the vote there was one pretty clear winner, which to me was surprising, because with this many wicked designs I would have thought it was closer.

The shortlist was dominated by the classic designs, but there definitely were a few alternative looks in and among them. The Lazio shirt, which although it didn’t win, definitely deserve an honourable mention, because I really think the eagle design on the chest looks awesome!

Like I said earlier it quite frankly was a landslide victory and the shirt that ended up victorious was the new Juventus third-shirt. It’s not hard to see why either, because it truly is a work of art. - It’s what I voted for myself too, so I definitely think it’s a deserved winner.

The complete list goes as follows:

  1. 1. Juventus Third-shirt
  2. 2. Lazio Away-shirt
  3. 3. West Ham Home-shirt
  4. 4. Manchester City Away-shirt (With long sleeves, so you can see the awesome Blue Moon pattern)
  5. 5. Roma Home-shirt
  6. 6. Paris Saint Germain Third-Shirt (Editors note: How is this not higher?)
  7. 7. Real Madrid Away-shirt
  8. 8. Monaco Away-shirt
  9. 9. Sporting Lisbon Away-shirt
  10. 10. Werder Bremen away-shirt
  11. 11. Arsenal third-shirt

You can find all the shirts we picked right here.

Here at Unisport we weren’t a second in doubt about what this year’s best looking shirt was. Do you agree with our style choice, or is there another shirt on the list that you think should have won? Is there an entirely different shirt that has been overlooked in your opinion? Let us know on Facebook and Instagram.