Our massive World Tour has visited so many epic locations and cities already, but we are far from done exploring the world of football and finding out how people live and breathe for the beautiful game. This time Joltter visits Los Angeles and gets a unique look at how the city of angels shows their love for football and especially LA Galaxy.

There are thousands of things to do in Los Angeles and although football probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, the city is still home to one of America’s biggest and best teams, for whom the support is immense.

On this leg of the trip Joltter gets a unique chance to experience the LA Galaxy training facilities and attend one of the development squads training sessions, where he even joins in for a quick crossbar challenge competition. A very special chance to see just how much football is evolving and growing in the US.

Even if it is with a group of players, who could soon get the chance to play in the MLS, a crossbar challenge was definitely not enough football for Joltter during his visit in LA. He therefore sought out the coolest football spots in the city, and definitely found one of them, where he got the chance to have a kickabout. It's LA, of course the place is awesome!

The whole thing is capped off with an all access visit to an LA Galaxy game, where we get a up close experience of the passionate fans and the game. Another very successful world tour visit, where we have once again confirmed that the world loves football as much as us.