Every week we follow up on some of the very best boot spots from around the world, where we take a look at what the players are wearing in games. However often, if you check out their training sessions that's where you will find the real gold. That rang true again, when we had a look at this Barcelona session that was filled to the brim with new boots...

Let's start off with what caught our attention straight off the bat. All the adidas players had already started wearing new and completely unreleased colourways for the X15 and Ace15. There's been no official release of these yet, but they definitely have got something brewing. The even sharper spotters might have even noticed them feature in the latest adidas Gamedayplus episode. Everyone's wearing them and they look a little out of the ordinary, but what exactly are they?

On top of that the new Electro Flare boots had also landed in Barcelona and all the big Nike athletes were naturally rocking them. Neymar continues to stubbornly hold onto the Mercurial Vapor boots, which he has been wearing for the last four days, and it will be exciting to see what developments there are there.

Now onto the mysterious star of the show. The Barcelona squad is one that Nike use a lot in their boot testing and it looks like they are doing it again. Gerard Pique was rocking a blackouted boot for the training session and putting the new boot through its paces. What are you guessing this is?

It's always fun to see new things, so for us boot nerds this was like a trip to Disney Land. There was lots of new stuff that hasn't yet seen the official light of day and we can't wait to see what the brands have in store for us.