Kevin Hart and David Beckham feature in a brilliant new advert for H&M, where the two get to know each other, as Kevin Hart prepares to play the football legend in an upcoming film (Not really coming unfortunately). Watch the video, where the ever patient Beckham deals with Hart’s shenanigans.

Yeah, like we said, we probably won’t be seeing a David Beckham film coming out and if we do, I highly doubt it will be Kevin Hart playing him. They don’t share many similarities in terms of appearance, but that just makes for an even more entertaining setup in the funny new advert.

There are plenty of hilarious highlights, with Kevin Hart trying his best to fully immerse himself in the life of David Beckham. An ice bath definitely didn’t look like comedian Kevin Hart’s cup of tea.

The new video is definitely worth a watch for us football fans, and it is always fun to get a look at life after retirement for the football legend David Beckham. Credits for the pictures go to @kevinhart4real and @davidbeckham on Instagram. After watching the video what was your favourite part?