Let’s just be honest: Mario Balotelli has probably never played worse than he is currently at Liverpool. Now PUMA give him an injection of energy, with a new interpretation of their evoPOWER. This is the Limited Edition evoACCURACY.

The fundamental concept from the evoPOWER is basically the same. All the elements are there in any case, with the AdapLite upper, AccuFoam pods, Gradual Stability Frame and Grip Tex. But where the evoPOWER’s focus is pretty evenly spread between power and accuracy, PUMA have developed a boot that only focuses on the precise strike.

This evoACCURACY comes as a Limited Edition and you therefore have to hurry up, if you want to get your hands on it – just 250 euro.

Throughout the development process of the evoPOWER PUMA discovered that precision is just as important as power, because what’s the point of a powerful strike, if you miss the goal? This is where PUMA found out that the AccuFoam pods actually played a very central role.

The concept builds on the materials and the way the technologies are placed, so they even out your foots natural unevenness. This way you ensure the boot has an even cleaner strike, which in the end gives you far more precision.

You can get the new evoACCURACY from today, but hurry up. They will be very limited – just 250 euro

And while the evoPOWER also incorporates AccuFoam, PUMA have taken it a step further on the evoACCURACY and placed the material on a far larger area of the upper. The AccuFoam pods are fitted as a layer underneath the Japanese AdapLite material and deliver this clean strike surface.

And where does Mario Balotelli fit into all of this? Well, Super Mario is actually considered one of the players in the world with the most precise and powerful strike and considering how the Italian is already signed to the brand, then why not slap his Initials (MB45) on the heel, just to underline the message behind the evoACCURACY.

Are you feeling the new PUMA evoACCURACY? Find it right here – just


Balo is expected to wear his new evoACCURACY, when Liverpool visit the Emirates and try to keep the Champions League dream alive. We look forward to seeing if PUMA’s boots can actually give Balotelli some momentum.