PUMA have definitely been turning up the heat lately and have been very busy bringing out new boots. Today they keep that ball rolling, with a new colourway for their evoSPEED collection, which includes the lightest match boot ever made. Check out the new boots here.

The evoSPEED SL has very quickly gotten a strong foothold and can every weekend be seen on the feet of some of the world’s greatest players. I really hope we will get the chance to see this almost entirely blue boot in action on the big scene, because even though it is still not the main colourway for the boot, it looks so fresh.

It is very hard describe the incredible sensation you get when wearing a boot this light. The boot doesn’t maketh the player, but there is no denying that when you feel lighter on your feet, you more often have the confidence to take on defenders.

You can find the new evoSPEED SL colourway right here.

When you are charging past defenders in the regular evoSPEED, or the SL version, you might as well look good doing it and well in that aspect PUMA have certainly delivered with this new design. I don’t know if it was because PUMA had a little extra blue paint leftover from their recent Tricks boots, but I’m certainly not going to complain, because the end result is superb.

Thinking back over the last few months PUMA are really on a hot streak, because I can’t actually remember a single colourway I didn’t like (and I can be quite picky at times). This is another hit if you ask me, but what do you think? Love it too?