With the new Intense Heat Pack Nike prepare their players for the tough and hectic end-of-season run-in. This is where the stakes are highest. The Hypervenom and Tiempo can be found on some of the world’s most game changing players and they now get new colours to boost their play.

Rooney, Neymar, Pirlo, Benteke, Ramos, Tevez. Just a handful of the game-changers who wear the two Nike silos Hypervenom and Tiempo. Now Nike give their players new colourways for their weapons of choice, with the new Intense Heat Pack.

With an orange and neon scheme Nike really crank up the heat and these are definitely colours that gets us in more of a summery mood. We therefore asked a couple of our customer service lads, what they thought of the newest colours.

Mathias Svendsen, who works with our international customers is a big fan of the Tiempo and said: “I’m a big fan of elegant leather boots, with a bit of panache. You really get the best of both worlds. I do however think it’s a shame that the leather-part and kanga-lite part aren't the same colour.”

Are you a fan of the Tiempo and panache? Then the Intense Heat Pack is definitely your thing. You can order it right here.

On the Hypervenom team we found Jonas Thykjær, who was generally very happy with the whole Intense Heat Pack: “There are some killer combinations, with the very warm colours contrasting the cooler colours on the swoosh and studs, I love that. And then I think it’s awesome the way the Hypervenom stands out from the other colours.”

If you love the new Hypervenom as much as Jonas, find it right here.


As you can read we aren't scared of concealing our fondness for Nike’s new Intense Heat Pack and it will be cool to see the colours in action already this weekend. Which one of the four silos do you like the best this time round?