The beginning of this week saw the introduction of Primeknit to adidas’ X15 and Ace15. The innovative material is one we have seen used a few times before and every time it has brought exceptional comfort with it. Does that mean the new Primeknit boots are simply infinitely better than the regular version? Well, I can tell you right off the bat that this is not the case. Read along and get a better insight into the differences between the regular and Primeknit boots…

When introducing the new Primeknit versions of the boots it was imperative to adidas that although the new upper material naturally meant a radical change to the boots, it would not affect their DNA. Even with the Primeknit upper the Ace15 is still fully geared to control the game and the X15 is as volatile and chaotic as ever.

You can find the new X15 and Ace15 boots right here.

No matter how you look at it the soft and supple Primeknit upper gives the boots far more comfort. They sit closer to your foot and give an almost bespoke sensation that the more firm and rigid regular upper simply can’t hope to achieve. The Primeknit boots are for the players who values comfort above all and who thrives knowing their boots will never hold them back in that respect.

On the flipside however there some things that the regular upper just does better. The comfortable Primeknit boots have no real shortcomings in terms of touch, but they just can’t match the regular upper, which offers a sharper touch and more control. This is especially apparent on the Ace15, which has the Control Web that drastically improves your grip on the ball.

It’s really quite simple in the end actually. You just have to decide with yourself what qualities you prefer in your football boots. Adidas have done their bit by making sure you have every option open. So what will it be for you - comfort, or the ultimate grip on the ball?