Are you ready to upgrade your freestyle arsenal once more? Good, because our boy PWG is ready to teach you the next move in his series of freestyle tutorials. The move you can look forward to getting some pro guidance in is this week the reverse crossover. Get schooled son…

When you see PWG pulling off his insane combinations and extreme skills it may seem impossible to replicate. That is however far from the case, because if you put in the hours of training then you can definitely make it happen.

Don’t believe us? Just look at JayMike. Before we started he couldn’t freestyle to save his life, but look at him now. Even with the pressure of the cameras he pulled off the reverse crossover with his first attempt.

You have all also been sharing your videos on Instagram, where we got see how you got along with the tutorial and well it was a great success. Keep sending in the videos, especially now that we have a new move lined up.