Joltter’s epic journey around the world to find the best football locations and to see how other people live and breathe for football hits Hawaii! Not necessarily a place that you instantly would associate with football, but believe us we could definitely feel the love there. Enjoy the newest leg of our trip by watching the video here.

Joltter has travelled to countless places and seen football played so many different ways and in spectacular locations, but few can possibly match the beauty and diversity of Hawaii. Some of the places he visited and some of the shots they resulted are almost worth watching the episode for alone. Add to that getting to see Joltter give his review and thoughts on the Hypervenom Phantom II and HypervenomX that makes for a bang tidy World Tour episode.

People from across the world travel to Hawaii and everyone has had their own unique football upbringing, which definitely showed when Joltter got to play some football with the locals in Hawaii. Here he experience first hand how diverse and varied the styles of play are on the paradise islands.

If you want to get your hands on the Hypervenom, or the HypervenomX, then got ya covered here.

A quick disclaimer in connection with the video too: No Nike HypervenomX Proximo boots were harmed in connection with the video. They stood up to everything including drowning. - Don’t know what we mean? Watch the episode and find out.