Last week the weather really took a turn for the worse, but luckily the deteriorating playing conditions come at a good time, because lots of us are heading indoors to play football instead. Now it doesn’t matter if you play futsal or indoor football, adidas have you covered with their selection, which you can get to know a little better here.

Adidas have very recently unveiled a completely new line-up of boots, which in turn resulted in entirely new indoor shoes too. The adidas Court models are sweeping the land and especially the X15.1 versions have already become exceedingly popular. It’s easy to see why the new boots have been so well received, because the low nose and generally sharp design is one that suits the fast-paced indoor game very well.

The German brands have also recently chosen to introduce their Primeknit material to their indoor football shoes, which goes to show their level of dedication to their indoor models and how they hold nothing back on them. Their indoor shoes are given the same attention to detail and love as their top range football boots.

Want to get your hands on the adidas Indoor shoes? Find the shoes here.

When talking about adidas indoor shoes there is no getting around the adidas Special. It is undoubtedly the most popular indoor football shoe of all time. If you play any indoor football, then chances are good that you have used these at some point and know how sweet they are. Personally you can show me all the fancy technologies you like, but I’d never consider playing in any other indoor shoe than this. The touch and the comfort is of the very highest order.

Do you want the modern and lightweight Court models, or are you a sucker for the classics? You have already heard where I stand, but let me know which adidas indoor shoe you prefer in the comment-section down below.