Trusox have really stormed onto the scene in the last few years and the support is still growing at all levels. They are one of the most effective football products and in a game of fine margins they can be what separates the good from the great. Sounds like an overstatement? Read along and hear why we are right, because we have the stats to back us up…

Tomorrow the world’s biggest, toughest, most popular and competitive league kicks off again, and although some of the world’s most elite players from all across the continent also wear Trusox, the Premier League is still where the Trusox have made their largest impact. The stars of the Premier League can week in and week out be seen in the recognisable design.

Last weekend in the Premier League 16% of players who featured wore Trusox, but out of that relatively small percentage 13 out of the 32 goals scored came from players wearing Trusox. There can be no denying statistics like that - the most effective players in the league wear Trusox.

Anyone who has tried and played in a pair knows the sensation they give. I always get so annoyed, if I accidently leave them at home and you could imagine Luis Suarez, Gareth Bale and Jerome Boateng feel the same way.

Raheem Sterling scored a hat trick and Wiljnaldum bagged himself four goals in Trusox. Are you yet to try out Trusox? I can personally recommend them and often do to anyone who asks, because I really do feel they give a performance increase.