Adidas are keeping busy, and it looks like they are preparing something very special for us - Theo Walcott has now joined the list of players, who are testing the blackout version of the next adidas football boot.

It wouldn't take long after Theo Walcott had made his surprising move to adidas, before he was allowed to wear their latest prototype. The pacey Englishman trained, before the FA Cup clash with Manchester United, wearing the same blackout boot, as we have seen Gareth Bale and Thomas Müller wearing as well.

And this blackout model gives us a good idea of what to expect, including what appears to be a taller collar, attached to the upper - something adidas have actually been testing for a while. Also, the pictures reveal some graphic clues, and we definitely expect a very interesting design.

So far the specs and details on the adidas football boot are secret, we can already now reveal that you have reason to look forward to what will be on the feet of Bale, Walcott and the other speedy players… Stay tuned!

What are your initial thoughts on Theo Walcott’s adidas test boot? Are you liking the taller collar, or do you find it too spacey? Take your football passion to a social level and share your thoughts with us on Facebook and Instagram.