A Legend for a legend. What do you give a man like Totti, who stands head and shoulders above the rest? You give him a Tiempo Legend V Premium in a Limited Edition. What does that include? Read along and get to know the new boot…

Imagine the nicest football boot, with a leather upper that you have ever touched. Did that get you hyped? You might want to sit down before you get your hands on Nike’s newest Tiempo Legend V Premium in that case. It has just been made available on our site and comes in just 3000 pairs worldwide – with each pair naturally having been marked with its own unique number.

You can get a feel for the lush Alegria leather now. Find it right here.

If Totti approves, it must be something special. Find the new Tiempo Legend V Premium right here.

The feeling this leather boot gives is simply exceptional – and that is exactly the feeling Nike have had the ambition to give. Max Blau explains: "For decades, players have sworn by the Tiempo and been attracted to its classic and high-performing upper. Tiempo is not just a great boot, its evolved into a culture of players who pride themselves on great touch and mastery of the pitch."

This exclusive Tiempo Legend V is made with the one trademark that Totti has really made entirely his, the folded tongue. Naturally Nike have also used the very nicest Alegria leather, because for the emperor of Rome, the second best simply won’t do.


As long as the new Tiempo Legend V Premium Limited Edition is on stock, the work tempo here at Unisport will inevitably be a little slower, because every moment away from this stunning boot is an unhappy moment, so we will have to savour our time together. We honestly can’t give you a reason not to get your hands on this beautiful boot. Can you think of one?