The soft touch and comfort you get from the Nike Tiempo Legend V is nothing short of sensational. So much so that Nike have taken the infamous leather upper from the boot and added it to all their boots with the Tech Craft Pack. They for obvious reasons couldn’t add leather to a leather boot already, so the Tiempo is just as awesome as we know it…

What really remains to be said about the Tiempo Legend V, it truly is the perfect example of what Nike do so well with their football boots. A way of fusing their modern design and technologies with a classic boot. A boot of the highest order!

I must admit that the new design neon and brown leather design is not one I think works on the new Nike Tech Craft boots. I will however say that the Tiempo is the exception, because well it just always works. The brown leather doesn’t feel out of place and gives the desired element of class in contrast to the dominating Volt colourway.

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The new Nike Tiempo Legend V from the Tech Craft Pack is easily the best boot from the new collection if you ask me. Although the colourway scheme is the same, the design just makes it look so much better. Do you agree with me, or is there one of the others boots you prefer?