There are traditions you just don’t touch and then there are traditions you DEFINITELY don’t touch. Mexico’s national team shirt doesn’t seem to be one of those things however, because adidas have chosen to redefine their national team’s colours. And when we say redefine, we mean completely change the colours we are used to seeing the Mexicans in.

It’s nothing like what we are used to – but if you are loving Mexico’s new Copa America shirts, then you can get the home-shirt here and the away-shirt right here– just 78 euro.

If there is one thing you have to be careful with, then it’s poking the pride of a nation. You have to pretty certain you are doing the right thing and a great deal of courage when beginning on an endeavour like this. So first and foremost we have to recognise the bravery it took adidas, because almost entirely removing the green colour from Mexico’s national team kit took some mettle!

Green has been synonymous with the Mexican national team since it was founded back in 1920. The colour has been such a fundamental part of their history that some even refer to them as La Verde(The Greens). Now adidas have chosen to mix things up and changed the visual expression, with a black new home-shirt.

Go in and check out the new Mexico shirts right here – just €78.

The new away-shirt comes in white and that is after all more traditional, even though it is more than six years ago that we last saw a white adidas Mexico shirt. Another one of the squads many nicknames is La Tri, which refers to the three colours of the flag and they have naturally been incorporated on the shirt.

The new shirts mean that Mexico are now completely ready for the coming Copa America tournament in Chile. The question is will the travelling Mexico fans even recognise their own national team on the pitch? What are your thoughts in regards to the slightly controversial change of design?

You can warm up for the Copa America with Mexico’s new shirts from adidas – just 78 euro.

Adidas have never been scared of breaking the mould and doing their own thing and that is definitely something they have done with Mexico's new home-shirt. We don't quite know what to think of them, but we are definitely loving the sharp detailing at the bottom of the shirt.