Umbro have really raised their boot-game these last few years and have especially shown this through their fantastic Velocita collection. We have seen both calm and bright colourways, but all throughout Umbro have shown to have a special place in their heart for blackouts. In addition to two previous blackout boots, they are now ready with the new ultra-classy Umbro Velocita Tri-Mess.

You never go wrong with a blackout football boot. The black and simple design fits any football kit and always has the aura of mystery about it. Players who choose to play in blackout boots stand out, because they let their skills do the talking and get attention for their play and not because their boot-game is on fleek. Umbro want you to combine both those elements now and have therefore pimped up their Velocita Tri Mess blackout with a diamond pattern, which gives them that extra edge.

I love blackouts, both football boots and sneakers, and it’s always cool when the designs have something a little extra, while still keeping the simple and elegant design. Umbro Velocita Tri Mess does this through a discreet, but very elegant pattern on the upper, which makes sure you keep things toned-down, while still showing you care about your boots. Had I not already owned a pair of the blackouted Velocita boots, then I’d definitely be getting a pair of these.

In addition to the diamond pattern that makes up the majority of the upper, Umbro have also given the boot a carbon-look in some areas, which gives the boot some edge and a bit of a badass feel. Carbon is a lightweight material that most of us associate instantly with speed boots. That is also exactly what the Velocita is made for, with an ultra thin upper and a weight of just 165 gram. Pace in your face!

You can combine style and discreet elegance with the Umbro Velocita Tri Mess - find the boots here.

Leave your opponents in the dust with an incredibly classy and elegant blackout Velocita - which if you ask me is the best one yet. The diamond pattern and carbon elements fit the blackout colourway perfectly, and because the boots can be used on both AG and FG surfaces that just makes them the perfect winter boot. This is a certain winner from Umbro! Are you a fan of the blackout design too?