In connection with the launch of the Nike Highlight Pack we were invited to the St. George’s Park and the Nike Academy, to experience what the life as a professional is all about. Football wearing the coolest and latest gear on the FA training grounds? That’s a yes from us!

Nike have build up a nice tradition for doing a little extra in connection with the launch of new colourways - we saw this around autumn last year, as we went to the Nike Innovation Summit in Rome, and this time around the trip went to Birmingham and St. George’s Park, where the English national team and Nike Academy are based.

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Here Joltter got the opportunity to experience the life as an academy player with everything it entails, including the training and the coolest of gear - we are talking Nike highlight Pack football boots and the innovative Revolution Jacket - just to name some of it. The days were jam packed with the latest and coolest of football gear, sure not something we are gonna complain about…

We also got the chance to speak to Shawn Hoy regarding the Nike training equipment, as well as Mario Götze, who stopped by with his mates Boateng and Milner. And well, Joltter also managed to be shown the red card by Howard Webb. Luckily it was staged, but still… not something most people have tried.

In other words, a rather epic experience, and something that we also want you to experience - check out the video above and join us behind the scenes and experience how it is to be a professional footballer. Hint; it’s not all just fun and games!

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