This morning adidas unveiled the newest colourway for their chaotic X15 boot and now the german brand follow-up on that launch with an update for the Ace boot. It is control in its very purest form and you can get a closer look at the elegant new playmaker boots right here.

The adidas Ace15 is all about controlling the game and running the show, through your precise passing and touch on the ball. Everything about the revolutionising Ace boot is therefore made for exactly that, with technologies like the NSG (non-stop grip) and Control Web on the upper, which as the names obviously imply, give you better control and grip.

I may have been a little harsh on the X15 boots new looks, when we took a look at it this morning, but that being said, I do feel the adidas Ace15 football boot is an infinitely better looking boot. This rings true for me, now more than ever with this new colour update, where I personally feel the black and white looks so much better on the Ace.

Especially the Primeknit version, where the upper is almost entirely black and the mint coloured laces have been replaced, looks exceptionally good. In the end it does come down to personal preference, because I could definitely imagine that there are plenty of you out there, who love the extra ‘pizazz’ the mint laces give.

You can find the new adidas Ace15.1 in the black/white colourway by clicking here.

The new adidas Ace15.1 boot gets a definite thumbs up from me and I can’t wait to see Mesut Özil, Oscar and Ivan Rakitic controlling the game in the new colourway. What do you say - thumbs up or thumbs down?