It’s the sixth day of the Christmas in Unisport calendar and it’s time for a challenge. We saw earlier in the series that none of the guys could hit the crossbar to save their lives, so we thought we would try to dizzy them up first, because you know minus plus minus equals plus… It’s a long shot, but here is the Dizzy Dribble Challenge!

We have previously seen JayMike and Joltter do the Dizzy Penalty challenge here on Unisport WebTV, but in today’s episode of Christmas in Unisport the challenge gets a little tougher. The rules are simple: Run around the corner flag until you are dizzied out of your mind, dribble past some cones and score. Sounds pretty straight forward - the question is, can our three hosts handle the heat?

It’s been a good first week of Christmas in Unisport and on this 2nd of Advent the boys got pushed to the limit. They’ve got to get on their feet again, because there are plenty of challenges to come. What other things do you hope we put them through?