Our boothead series is well underway and we have already heard from two massive football boot collectors. This time we hear from Christoffer Malmberg, who in his time collecting boots has built up a very impressive collection too. Hear from him and what started his love for football boots here.

When and why did you start collecting football boots?

-I started collecting football boots in 2006, and the reason why I started collecting is that I always liked to use good looking boots when I was young. After few years you start to understand the technology behind the boots and different materials in the boots.

Have your ambitions on collecting boots changed throughout the years?

-Yes it actually has, nowadays I try to focus on the rarest boots and try to build a high quality collection as possible. To add to that, all the new media and especially Instagram, has increased the passion for football boots.

Which boot was the first in your collection?

-My very first boot in my collection was Nike Mercurial Vapor I shock/orange from 2002

Where do you put all the boots?

-I keep them in safe at my parents and at my home.

What boots do you have a particularly special love for and why?

-Nike Mercurial Vapor I cinder from 2002, as I started playing football for real that year.

Do you have any fun stories about any particular boots or anything related that would be fun to share?

-Well I have many good stories, but my favourite thing in collecting football boots is trying to find great boots for a bargain price. I think it makes it more exciting! Also I bought one of the most sought of Nike Mercurial Superfly I "wear it proud", limited to 70 pairs, in a charity auction so that is a special thing.

What is so special about the Nike Tiempo?

-Special about Nike Tiempo is the classic look and quality leather! My favourite Nike Tiempo is the Euro 2008 edition.

This was the third, but certainly not last, look into the world of some of the biggest boot collectors around. If you want to see his collection grow then follow @Toffem on Instagram. Do you have the same love for boots and could you see yourself starting your own collection?