Joltter has been back from his Unisport World Tour for a couple of months now, but has certainly not been laying low. He has been busy travelling to other wicked events out and about, but has now found some time to spend with us in the Christmas In Unisport studio. Although the end result was pretty epic, the World Tour wasn’t all smooth sailing - now Joltter tells you some of the funniest stories from his adventure.

The World Tour was as a whole pretty spectacular, if we may so ourselves. Joltter went around the world and hunted for the coolest and most unique football experiences. He was on a mission to find the love for football in all corners of the planet. An amazing experience I could imagine and now you can hear from the man himself, how he lived the whole thing.

Keep it locked for more fun on Christmas In Unisport all the way to the 24th of December.