2015 has been a strong year. We have welcomed two new faces to the WebTV crew, opened our first Flagship Store and we sent Joltter around the world. Now we are looking ahead to see what 2016 will bring - and we cannot wait!

While the last couple of hours of 2015 slowly fades into the darkness, Joltter, JayMike, Luca and PWG take a look at what is waiting in 2016. And we promise you that you have plenty of reasons to being excited about it. Because our four hosts have plenty of great stuff up their sleeves.

More journeys, more tutorials and not least the European Championships in France are just some of the things that our football crazy hosts will put their noses into. You can hear all about their 2016 plans in the video above.

It's been a year of big moments in the company of Unisport WebTV. Now, Joltter and the rest of the crew look ahead of another great year - especially with France on their minds. What are you looking forward to experiencing in 2016?