Picking the elven best footballers in the world is no easy task, but never has finding them been taken to such incredibly funny heights! English comedian Lloyd Griffith has teamed up with EA Sports to embark on an epic adventure, getting help from Lionel Messi, Adebayo Akinfenwa, Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville aaaaaand a Lama… Wait what?

We don’t really need to present the video any further do we? It is simply put, 24 minutes of pure football-comedy gold, which certainly had us laughing all the way through, even if the football shaman part was a bit weird. We implore you, if you watch only one viral video today, let it be this one!

One note to EA sports and the sports mentality golf guy, which we thought we might mention - Thibaut Courtois might not be as good a teammate as you seem to think, because there was that thing with Kevin de Bruyne’s wife. Let’s just leave it at that. WATCH THE VIDEO GUYS!