The story of the Nike Air Max goes back many years and is among Nike’s most popular. It has been told a great many times - this is because Nike have always managed to redesign and reinterpret the iconic sneaker/running shoe. Now they are back again and have written a new chapter in the infinite saga of the Nike Air Max. This page turner is called the Air Max 1 Ultra Moire.

It was in 1987 that Nike revolutionised the sneaker world with the Air Max 1. The revolutionising aspect was that you now couldn’t just feel the innovative Air-unit. Now you could see it too. And even though this may sound simple, this visual change had a very large impact on the sneaker scene and Nike have never looked back. Now Nike give new life to the visual look with the lightest version of their Nike Air Max 1 to date.

Get ready for spring with Nike’s new Air Max 1 Ultra Moire – just 138 euro.

Ultra Moire is the name given to this model and the technology is a combination of the innovations you find on the Air Max collection and Air Zoom Moire +, which came out in 2006 and is widely regarded as one of the most comfortable running shoes in Nike’s wide range. Here Nike have incorporated the ultra-soft synthetic suede material, which is laser perforated to deliver a breathable and comfortable upper.

You don’t change a winning team and if there ever was something that was synonymous with victory, then the Air Max sole, which was first introduced in the late seventies, definitely fits the description. Therefore the brilliant upper on this Air Max 1 Ultra Moire has been placed on the classic full-length foam sole, with the injected Air-unit.

The only one small change that Nike have dared to make comes the way of the outsole. The material used on the mid sole is so durable that they could actually incorporate it on the outsole too. This means Nike have removed some material, which reduces the weight dramatically compared to the previous Air Max sneakers.

The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire comes in four different colourways – just 138 euro.

As a small detail on this innovative combination of Nike shoes, the shoes are made with a reflective pattern running around the shoe and on the Swoosh. This adds a little spice to the boots when walking in the dark. The Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Moire will undoubtedly fit in nicely among all the other legendary Nike Sneaker before it.

Nike’s new Air Max 1 Ultra Moire is definitely worth spoiling your feet with. The synthetic upper takes good care of your feet and the characteristic Air-sole really needs no introduction, because we all know the unrivalled comfort it brings. Also worth noting is that the weight is also lower than ever. This is the Nike Air Max at its best.