The last three days we have been running through the new Mizuno boots together and so far we have had a look at the Morelia and Morelia Neo boots, which I believe to be two of the world’s very best football boots. Now it’s the Mizuno Basara 101's turn. Get to know the technically advanced boots here.

The Mizuno Morelia boots, both the original and Neo are world famous for being the pinnacle of leather football boots, but that doesn't mean Mizuno don't know their way around synthetic boots. They have transfered the same mantra of striving for perfection to the Mizuno Basara, which is a full-blooded strikers boot, where all the technologies are designed for just that.

What makes the Mizuno Basara 101 such an effective boot for strikers is its special ability to be flexible when you bend it towards the medial side. The unique D-Flex grooves on the sole mean that when you accelerate and perform quick changes of direction, you can trust your boots to deliver support, so you stay on your feet.

The Primeskin upper on the front foot is a soft and supple synthetic, which gives you a tight touch on the ball and an excellent touch. The really interesting feature can however be found further up the boot around the instep, where you find a thin and very, very stretchable synthetic, which helps give you an even closer touch in this very crucial part of the boot, while the also giving the flexibility that the boot is so famous for.

If you are your teams frontman and want a boot made for a true striker, then you can get the Mizuno Basara 101 here.

Mizuno are out to prove that they know their way around synthetic materials too and they do so in extravagant fashion. What do you think about the Basara - could you see yourself leading the line in a pair of these?