The new year has gotten off to a great start football-wise and the boot spots just keep coming. We have gathered a handful of the latest and greatest for you to enjoy. We also found one of the best goals you will see in a very long time, which somehow hasn’t gone viral yet - here’s us doing our bit to share it in any case.

Muhamed Bésíc (Everton) - Nike Mercurial Superfly IV (Homemade custom)

Looks like Muhamed Bésíc has been busy with his scissors at home and carved up his Nike Mercurial Superfly, as well as given them a set of new laces. I really wouldn’t recommend doing what he has done, because it does sometimes ruin the boots completely. He is a professional player, so has unlimited boots, which is probably why he didn’t mind.

Emma Kete (Canberra United) - Nike Tiempo Legend 5 NikeID

Looks like Emma Kete from the Australian W-league has had some NikeID work done. When we saw them from the front we thought they might have been the Tiempo Legend V XX Premium, but to contrast the classy upper Emma has gone for an orange soleplate. Brilliant effort!

Robbie Fowler (Liverpool Legends) - Nike Tiempo Legend V Custom

A handful of Liverpool legends played a charity match last week, which brought with it this pretty strange bit of customisation from Robbie Fowler. He probably doesn’t have a contract with Nike, which explains why he has the Nike Swoosh blacked out, but what the sock tape is doing on the front foot baffles me. Have you ever seen anyone play with a piece of tape on the boot like this? Improved touch? Mind=Blown.

Luis Suarez (Barcelona) - adidas X15.1 & Trusox

Looks like El Pistolero finally decided to switch to the new colourway last week. Luis Suarez, his trusted Trusox and the new X15 did also get on the scoresheet in the heated battle against Espanyol.

Joe Jacobsen (Wycombe Wanderes) - Nike Mercurial Superfly Tech Craft

It’s actually quite crazy how popular the Tech Craft pack boots have been in the lower English leagues. Although only a few Premier League players wore them into action, we have spotted tons of people in the other tiers. The FA Cup games gave us a chance to see them all on display and here Joe Jacobsen was one of many in the leather-clad Mercurial boots. Bagged himself a goal against stuttering Aston Villa too.

That is the end of our run-through of the weekend’s best football boots on display. Here is that very special goal I promised you, trust us - it will blow your mind!