Introducing the completely new football boot silo from Umbro, the Medusae. It combines the very best aspects from Umbro in one football boot to make magic!

It’s both classic and modern mixed all in one football boot. The boot can almost be described as a hybrid of Umbro’s control and speed boot silos, taking some of people's favourite aspects from their other boots.

That’s why you on the new Umbro Medusae get a front foot made of plush kangaroo leather, which just like on the Speciali, does what kangaroo leather does best. It gives you an incredibly soft touch on the ball and an adaptive fit that improves the boots comfort. Brands have been trying for a very long time to find other materials and types of leather that can match kangaroo leather, but they aren’t quite there yet. Nothing but the best for the Medusae.

You can purchase the new Umbro Medusae right here..

If you move further up the boots upper you find that the leather is replaced by a mesh material instead. This means the Medusae’s weight clocks in at just 189 grams and when the mesh is combined with the internal A-Frame skeleton, which gives the boot stability and that we know from the Velocita boots, then you won’t be missing the leather material in this area at all.

Flip the new Umbro Medusae on its head and you are greeted by another familiar sight, with it having the same aggressive outsole as the Umbro Velocita speed boots. For too long people have thought that just because you wear a leather boot, you can’t have a bit of pace on you and that changes with the Medusae.

They look and feel really sharp to wear and despite looking quite narrow, the fit is actually really accommodating and after having tried them on for a little while I’m really, really impressed. It’s a combination of things from Umbro that on paper should work and that looks like it works very well in principle too.