This May adidas started a new chapter in the tale of their iconic Predator boot. The chapter was given the sharp title Predator Instinct and that was introduced with a unique Battle Pack design, which could be seen on all the models ever since. Now adidas however give us a little flashback with a super classic Predator design, which we are very familiar with and still love.

It has really been an overwhelming year for the Predator. A massive 14 Predator Instinct have been introduced this year and that’s just adding to all the Predator LZ II models we saw earlier in the year. Now adidas add another Predator Instinct to the collection and in symbolic fashion they round off the year with a classic Predator design in Black/Red/White.

Are you digging the classic Predator design? Find the new Predator Instinct here.

The first Predator saw the light of day in 1994 and was quickly recognized as one of the most innovative football boots ever and quickly changed our perception of what a football boot really was. The most unique part of the boot was the upper, which was fitted with some previously unseen rubber elements. They would help create better friction between boot and ball to give you optimized control on the ball.

Since then these rubber elements have become synonymous with the Predator and we have seen them in a plethora of constructions. With the Predator Instinct, adidas went back to the old virtues to some extend, with more aggressive rubber elements to return to the massive friction they had first set out to create. However, adidas stuck with the five lethal zones, which where introduced back in 2012 with the first Predator LZ. They are strategically placed on the upper in order to optimise ball control in various situations including dribbling, kicking and passing.

There is no need to waste the time if you are liking this Predator Instinct. Find it here.

When the Predator was introduced back in 1994, it was still rather unusual to play with colours in relation to a football boot. It was primarily black. Therefore, adidas also decided to keep things simple with a predominantly black upper with a twist of red and white. This composition has become synonymous with the Predator silo, and this new Predator Instinct is therefore also certain to warm the hearts of Predator fans.

This Predator Instinct with the classic Black/Red/White design is built on the same construction as the remaining Predator Instinct models. Adidas have hereby kept their innovative ControlFrame, which was one of the new features with the update from May. The sole, which is made with a special TPU construction, ensures improved ball control with your sole. 20% of a players ball contact is actually in connection with sole.

The Predator Instinct has had a crazy year. Join us in the celebrations with this Core Black/White/Solar Red.

We are well excited about this new Predator Instinct, which truly captures the charm of the original Predator. We pretty much just need a long tongue. What are your thoughts? How should a Predator look? Take your football passion to a social level and share your comments with us on Instagram and Facebook.