Been a long weekend? Dreading Monday a little? Well allows us and Nike to brighten the mood in a big way. Nike have just unveiled the third incarnation of their Tech Craft Pack and it’s easily the best one yet!

There is not a single one of the boots where the design doesn’t look sublime, but I guess that’s hardly surprising given that it’s a black and white combination. Add to that a leather upper and take my word for it, these boots will go down in history as one of the best Nike collections ever.

It’s a good thing the Nike Tech Craft pack design is so brilliant this time around too, because I was losing hope for it a little bit after the last one. Nike have proven on many occasions that they know how to create the classiest possible designs, so I doubt they will mind if I note down the brown and neon combination as a swing and a miss. Either way, I’m way too head over heels in love with the new black and white combination to remember anyway.

The concept of the Nike Tech Craft design is taking the Nike boots we know and love and replacing the regular upper with a soft kangaroo leather upper. It is definitely a matter of taste, but there are definitely plenty of arguments to back up that statement that a leather upper will always make for a better football boot. If that's how you feel too, then these should be perfect for you, because I refuse to believe you don't like the way they look.

I mean look at them, are they not just a work of art? If you’re loving the elegant new design too, then you can get a hold of them on the 3rd of March.