For many years now Joltter and Unisport have been following the unique experiences of the Nike Most Wanted trials. Players challenge themselves and reach new heights at the trials, but what is life like afterwards at the famed Nike Academy?

Throughout the 2015 Nike Most Wanted trials we followed Pontus Almqvist’s path to the Academy closely. By the end, he had proven to the impressive line-up of scouts and coaches at Nike’s disposal, that he had the right talent and mental fortitude to make it.

In this very special edition of our Nike Most Wanted series, we are invited behind the closed doors of the state of the art training facilities at St. George’s Park, where Pontus gives us a glimpse of the life that awaits anyone deemed worthy by the coaches. Watch the video and see how Nike take budding talent and forge them into potential star players. It's impossible not to feel a little inspired right?