Aaaaaand breathe! adidas have had an absolutely trailblazing 2016 so far, with releases coming thick and fast. Now the brand with the three stripes take a quick breather and we therefore look back at the best releases from their amazing run.

When the groundbreaking new ACE 16+ PureControl was unveiled by adidas in the middle of January, it stole all the headlines and would be the beginning of a launch spree from adidas, which saw them completely outcompete their opposition.

All throughout adidas’ three months of madness, the laceless PureControl has been the undisputed star of the show and the green launch colourway is not one I think any of us will be forgetting soon. That being said, football boots with laces are far from passe and the PureControl’s younger brother, the ACE 16.1 Primeknit, should not be dismissed at all and is by itself an early contender for boot of the year! This is especially a statement adidas back-up with the three colourways they have released for it - I mean get a load of that White/Semi Solar Slime/Shock Blue piece of wonder!

Unlike the ACE boots, the adidas X-collection hasn’t received a 2016 update yet, but still it feels like they have upped their game in terms of colourways. The jury is still out on the pink one, if you ask me at least, but the two others are absolutely mint and the “lava-lamp” design really comes to its own.

adidas also had something lined up for the women, with them releasing specially made colourways for the fairer sex too. Both the ACE 16.1 Primeknit and adidas X 15.1 women’s boots have made a lot of men here at the office pretty jealous.

It’s a very explosive lineup of boots that adidas have put together in the first three months of 2016 and if you asked them, then I think even their biggest competitors would admit they are impressed. Have you decided which of the boots you like the best?

If you want to get your hands on one of the new adidas football boots, then find them all right here.