In the last few months adidas have been continuously proving just how far football boot innovation has come and have introduced some of the most outrageously bold pieces of tech. Now they go back to the classics with the Limited Edition Etch Pack…

Creating the many innovative boots adidas have presented in the last two months has taken tireless drive and determination and with the Etch Pack they channeled that focus into making the purest leather football boots ever. Constructed in toto with an upper of the very finest K-leather and that’s it!

The upper is completely free of colouring, extra paint and anything that could otherwise potentially reduce the quality of the premium kangaroo leather. So what’s that graphic detailing on the boots you ask? To prove their commitment to the purity of the leather, adidas have etched the graphic into the surface of each boot. Purity needs nothing!

The extraordinary effort adidas have gone into creating the exceptional whiteout beauties can definitely be felt. The design comes the way of both the adidas ACE 16.1 and adidas X 15.1 boots, which will be released as a part of the Limited Collection, and I think it’s safe to say there will be plenty of people hoping to get their hands on them.

The Limited Collection adidas ACE 16.1 and X 15.1 Etch Pack boots are available for pre-order right now.