During the entire year, adidas have been celebrating the biggest star across the biggest stadiums in the world under the burning floodlights. But as we are entering a darker season, it time to celebrate those millions of footballers who do not always have the opportunity to play on pitches that are lit up floodlights. Adidas present the Hunt Series – four footballer boots the glow in the dark.

It has been an eventful year for adidas, with the World Cup in Brazil as the successful star over shining anything else. The football boots have also taken their place in the spotlight with new versions of the Predator, 11Pro and Nitrocharge, not to forget the f50 Crazylight that once again broke the limit for the lightest football boot. It has truly been a wild ride.

But now it is time to bring the football boots out of the spotlight and into the dark. At least for this Hunt Series. With this new collection, adidas have created a unique design concept, which first and foremost is inspired by the many footballer players across the globe, who do not necessarily have the opportunity to opportunity to play under the lights of the floodlights. Now they will also have the chance to stand out on the pitch, with an upper the glows in the dark. We are almost talking Techno Rave with this new Hunt Series.

When looking at the functionality of the football boots, adidas have not changed them – other than it will now be easier to see the ball at your feet. In order to create the glowing effect, adidas have developed a new finish for their Hybridtouch upper, which can actually be found on both the f50 adizero, Predator Instinct, 11Pro and Nitrocharge – meaning that the whole collection has gotten the Hybridtouch treatment.

With this Hunt Series, adidas also complete their celebration of the Predator collection, which has its 20 year anniversary this year. When the first Predator Instinct was presented, adidas made a promise to put out no less than 14 versions of their Predator. And this glowing Predator Instinct finalises the chapter of 2014, where we have see everything from a Battle Pack to a Crazylight and a Supernatural Pack. Which of the 14 Predator Instincts has been your top favourite?


The new Hunt Series glows in the dark, as it you may never have seen it before. With unique glowing patterns, adidas light up the pitches across the darker season. Which of the boots looks better in the dark?