There can be no doubting that Nike are at the very forefront of footballing technology on several fronts. Just to remind everyone of that fact, Nike are back with a new piece of innovation. They have just now presented a new range of Ordem footballs, which will be used as an alternative on the dark, rain- and snow filled autumn and winter evenings. Check them out here.

The Ordem is Nike’s official match ball, which was introduced in December last year and is developed to accommodate the new football generation that values speed and technique above all else. Nike have therefore, after several years of research, filled the ball to the brim with excellent technologies, which make this ball their best ever model.

This summer the official match balls for three of Europe’s biggest leagues were presented in three different colours to represent each individual league. Nike sponsor the Premier League, Serie A and La Liga. And being responsible for delivering the footballs for three of the world’s biggest leagues carries a quality stamp with it.

If we take a step back from the glitz and glamour for a moment, the ball does also have some weight behind all these claims. The ball is made from 12 welded panels in a three layer construction. Furthermore it’s made from a special poly-mix that surrounds the free latex bladder, where you pump the air to. Yes, things do get a little technical, but this all works to give the ball a more sensitive and immediate response, when it meets the foot.

On the surface Nike use their AEROW TRAC technology, which is a special surface texture that works to give the ball a more reliable flight path. This is to combat the criticism goalkeepers have had about modern balls being too unpredictable when moving to the air, so now there is no excuses it’s all about the players.

The third technology that is incorporated on the Nike Ordem Hi-Vis version is the RaDaR tech, which stands for Rapid Decision and Response. This comes thanks to the graphical pattern that gives the ball a visually eye-catching design, when the ball is in flight. An eye-catching visual design is something we have come to know in connection with Nike, with both their football boots and shirts all being unveiled in flashy designs.

With the new Hi-Vis Ordem match ball, all the big European leagues are ready for the darker autumn and winter months. So come rain, wind, or snow nothing will stop us from playing our football. What do you think about the new Nike Ordem balls and Nike match balls in general?